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Flying business class with Vietnam Airlines offers guests exceptional comfort, modern amenities, superior service and the best inflight entertainment available.
Experience luxury in the sky with Vietnam Airlines in world-class fashion

Seats (Fully flat Horizontal bed on 787 & A350)
Business class seating provides the most optimal comfort using sophisticated design and the latest technologies.
The cabin layout and features are complimented by superior service guaranteed to elevate your flying experience.

The Culinary Experience
Collaborating with top chefs and expert sommeliers, Vietnam Airlines has crafted a gourmet menu to satisfy tastes from around the world.
Choose from a selection of authentic Vietnamese dishes as well as popular delicacies from the world’s finest cuisines,
all carefully prepared with fresh, healthy ingredients and served with an extensive range of beverages. In addition,
bar service on some flights by B787 and A350 are also willing to serve you excellent drinks.

Boredom is never an option with Vietnam Airlines. Whether you’re in the mood to watch a movie, listen to music, or peruse a magazine, choose from a range of in-flight entertainment options selected just for you

Onboard the B787, A330 and A350 aircrafts, passengers can access electrical charging ports from the convenience of their seats.
Wi-Fi is now available onboard the A350 aircrafts to keep you connected throughout the flight.
Modern LED technology is also included onboard the B787 craft to gradually adjust lighting, helping to create a calming ambiance onboard the flight.
You can enjoy the harmony of white light for daytime trip, or fell relaxed with soft golden light warmth of the night flights,
as well as be comfortable with the gradual transformation of the brightness at times when food is served.

Lounges feature:
Business center with private work suites
Free Wi-Fi connectivity
Social areas and televisions
Delectable dining featuring signature dishes inspired from the region
Full bar service

Vietnam Airlines Business class seat on Boeing 787
Vietnam Airlines Business class seat on Boeing 787

Vietnam Airlines Business class seats on A350
Vietnam Airlines Business class seats on A350